Age of the Ashers


"Age of the Ashers is a story set in a Greek mythological-inspired world of fantasy. With pacy twists and turns, it is interwoven with warm, real characters, realistic dialogue and beautiful fantastical descriptions. The beautiful writing evokes a thrilling wonderful experience as you read.”

Soulla Christodoulou, London, UK.

“I fell in love with this book, from the world building to the characters. It was engrossing, beautifully written, and a 'keep you on the edge of your seat' page turner. I even had to reread certain paragraphs because the prose were so captivating. Diana is an excellent writer who has the ability to make you believe that the world she created in Ages of the Ashers exists.”

Lang Johnson

“A fascinating and well-written novel, the plot is tightly paced and keeps the reader turning pages. The concept of the Greek civilisation continuing until modern times, is both sophisticated and intriguing. The characters are believable and very three dimensional, in that, as in real life, good people do bad things, and supposed bad people do good things. It is especially impressive, how the author handles the jumps between times and locations, never once leaving the reader confused.”

Julia Blake

Age of the Ashers was an exciting and mystical read that kept my imagination bubbling until the very last page. Diana has beautifully merged the mundane world of the relatable Chloe Zacharias, an eighteen loner with a fascination of the unknown, with the mystical world of Orpheus, a damned poet spending his eternity locked away in the playground that is Hades Underworld. Diana has created each and every character with such passion that you can't help but be drawn into their surreal lives of heart ache, corruption and secrets.”

-Sarah Walden

“Once again, Diana Tyler has written characters that resonate with my soul …  I wanted to punch bad guys in the face, I wanted to hold poor Chloe, and I wanted to high five Damian. If you are a fan of mythology and magic, you will love this book.”


War of the Ashers

"War of the Ashers is Pure Awesomeness!!! Diana Tyler weaves another masterpiece! Get ready to dive back into a world of Mythology adventure, love, loyalty, dangerous and deception!"

-Chanell Renea

"I could not put this book down. I spent my weekend trapped in the fantasy world with Chloe, Damian, and Ethan. I am in suspense until the next one comes out."

-Kara Hood

"War of the Ashers is perfect for lovers of Greek mythology. Diana has crafted a beautiful story that weaves the past, future and the gods together in an enthralling tapestry."

-Samantha House